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Eyefi ImageModifier

Current version: 0.4
Status: Beta

The Eyefi ImageModifier library is a high-level programming interface for describing and caching a series of image transformations which are applied to source images, typically for display on web pages.

This project has been deprecated because it has been superceded by the Eyefi I2 project.

The work process is as follows: you define a 'chain' of transformations, optionally giving it a name, and then apply an image to this chain, which results in a new image. If the image is applied to the chain a second time, a cached image will be used.

Currently, the following filters are defined:

  • resize
  • border
  • apply color mask
  • round corners
  • cropping (to ratio, to dimension, square)
  • color blending
  • text (ttf / t1)
  • margin
  • overlay (for watermarking)
  • grayscale
The sub-pages of this project document these different filters, the general ImageModifier API, and integration with the Smarty template engine.
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